Plastic bottles and jars in various volumes and shapes

Zefyros table water

Table water Zefyros comes from spring Chontrologgos and is bottled in environmental friendly packages.


Dressing lemon, vinegar and concentrated orange juice appropriate for the HORECA industry.

The outset and vision of a sustained development

The G. Karampoulas & Sons LP company started as a small and innovative distillery in 1967. Initially, it produced and bottled fine liquors and in 1972 it was awarded with a patent for its novel packaging solution. In 1978, by taking into account the new market demands, it adapted a new activity in juice bottling. Soon, the family business through constructive cooperation expanded significantly to a small industry. 


The beginning of a new era

Over the last decade, the company produces packaging materials, specializing in PET bottles and jars. From 2008 till today, 3 major investment programs were implemented that included new machinery, renovation of facilities, new marketing plan and improvement of safety and quality control systems. Now, the turnover of the company is based on the production of a wide range of high quality products.
The company employs 15 people who form a stable and efficient team with a sense of responsibility towards customers’ needs. Its business strategies mainly lead to develop innovative products, strengthen the local economy and minimize the impact of its activities on the environment.

Bottles and jars


Plastic bottles and jars are manufactured by blow moulding process. The raw material in this two – stage process is thermoplastic preform. Preform is first heated, then clamped between two mold halves and inflated by pressurized air until it conforms to the inner shape of the mold cavity acquiring the desired volume and shape.


Zefiros table water


Zefiros table water is bottled at the Chondrologos spring in strict compliance with hygiene rules in accordance with Joint Ministerial Decision Υ2 / 2600/2001 and Regulation EU 178/2002. The company has been active in the field of water bottling for thirty years.

Concentrated juices

Concentrated juices with different flavors are avalaible mainly wholesale bottled in 5 lit bottles. Concentrated juices consumed diluted in water and allow consumers to enjoy a juice with flavor and odour in the desired intensity. They are also used in cocktails, gels, creams, syrups etc.


  • Vinegar Agnochim
  • Dressing lemon
  • Concentrated juices

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