bottles – jars

Bottles and jars are packed in plastic bags, cartons and pallet systems. The caps are given separately or on the bottle / jar and have an integral safety ring.

The plastic products are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and meet the specifications and related requirements set out in article 26 of the Hellenic Food and Beverages Code, as well as regulations (EU) No. 1935/2004 & 10/2011 and its amendment 1282/2011. They also comply with regulatory limits regarding the migration of their ingredients to aqueous, acidic and fatty foods and alcoholic beverages.

The company G. Karaboulas & Sons LP implements Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system, HACCP.

The process

Plastic bottles and jars are manufactured by blow moulding process. The raw material in this two – stage process is thermoplastic preform. Preform is first heated, then clamped between two mold halves and inflated by pressurized air until it conforms to the inner shape of the mold cavity acquiring the desired volume and shape.

Product catogories

Great variety of bottles and jars

 30/25, PCO 28 mm Bottles


 0,25 l bottle

0,5 l bottle

0,5 l bottle


1 l 4Κ bottle

 1 l ΝΕΟ bottle

 1,5 l 2K bottle


 1,5 λ 2ΚΑ bottle

1,5 l ΒΤ bottle


1,5 l 2ΚΑΜΠ bottle


1,5 l 4ΚΑ bottle

1,5 l 2ΚΝ bottle


 2 l bottle

48/41 bottles



 3 l bottle

5 l STR bottle


5 l TET bottle


5 l OIL bottle

10 l ΤΕΤ bottle


 38 mm bottles




0,5 l bottle

 1 l bottle



 110 mm Jars





 0,8 l jar


1,3 l jar


2 l jar



3 l jar

5 l jar


10 l jar