Dressing lemon is produced according advanced consumer nutritional requirements. It is characterized by strong sour taste and can be used in salads, grilled meat and as an ingredient in various sauces.


  • Dressing lemon 0,3 l (fil top cap) in 30 pcs box
  • Dressing lemon 2 l (fil top cap) in 8 pcs box
  • Dressing lemon 1,5 l (fil top cap) in 12 pcs box
  • Dressing lemon 5 l (fil top cap) in 3 pcs box

Concentrated juices with different flavors are avalaible mainly wholesale bottled in 5 lit bottles. Concentrated juices consumed diluted in water and allow consumers to enjoy a juice with flavor and odour in the desired intensity. They are also used in cocktails, gels, creams, syrups etc.

Vinegar Agnochim (6° and 4,5°) is top quality vinegar. Except for its significant role in gastronomy in order to enhance the flavor of vegetables and meat, vinegar has unlimited uses such as washing dishes and carpets, neutralize unwanted odors, control insects and diseases in garden etc.